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Hot Topics: 2020 Census

Have a question about the census? When is it? How does it work? What happens with the data collected? Who gets to see it? And who does not? How is it used? Are you interested in a job with the census? Curious about data visualization tools? Ian Hull, deputy director, from the NY Regional Census Center, along with LWVNJ's Alyssa Moreno, a census specialist, lay it all out for you. They spoke at Temple Shalom-Reform in Aberdeen on January 12.

Prepare to be Counted

See it here.

Hot Topics: Ballot Security

Should your vote be protected with an audit trail? A paper ballot? How secure and reliable are the electronic voting machines? Is vote by mail the answer? How about internet voting? Dr. Andrew Appel, professor of computer science at Princeton, has answers to your questions. He spoke recently at an LWV Hot Topics event in Shrewsbury. You can see video of his talk here.
(Apologies for the audio quality -- technology is complicated and we're still learning. Shooting in the wild proves to be more art than science.)

Next up, David Harris, an attorney with the South Orange Maplewood Association, talks of his experience with community organizing, lobbying local and state legislators to use of paper ballots.

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Voting Information From The County Clerk

The Election Division of the Monmouth County Clerk's office has a new website with helpful information about how to register, where to vote, election results, voting by mail, and many more topics, including how to contact the office for further information or answers to questions. Also available are any forms necessary, with details on where to send them.

You can find them here.

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