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LWVNJ Annual Convention

LWVSMC's own Peggy Dellinger was recognized for distinguished service, along with Ann Armstrong. Nancy Hedinger, state president, presenting the award read this citation:

Our distinguished service awardee has been giving of herself to the League for many years Distinguished Service-Peggy She served as president of her local League in the 70’s where she co-authored their Know Your Town and Schools and she was involved the first candidates’ forum for her municipality which included 16 candidates.

As a member on the state board, where she served for many years, she edited and supervised the printing of The Voter, a quarterly newspaper format sent to every member statewide. [Editor's note: her term as editor began in 1977.] She was also involved in organizing major renovations to the state office in Trenton.

Most recently, she helped her League overcome low membership numbers and low voter turnout by proclaiming “we need to reinvent ourselves”. She held a series of three strategic planning meetings to set goals for member growth to create the next generation of leadership. By focusing on increasing membership and engaging new members, her League has more than doubled in two years and 55% of the members live in surrounding communities. Five of those new members serve on that League’s board. She has also been very involved in voter service.

She convened a centralized meeting in coordination with the other Leagues in her county to cover as many towns as possible in Vote411. She created a Membership Engagement Application and 42 county members participated in an auction-type event to find out who would take on which towns, resulting in 37 towns being covered.

If your League needs a shot in the arm, I suggest you seek out this distinguished service awardee for some thoughts and creative ideas. I don’t have enough time to go over all of her achievements but if you’re from Monmouth county or were around in the days of The Voter, you’ll know this distinguished service award goes to Peggy Dellinger.

The NJ League also recognized local Leagues doing outstanding work. LWVTO submitted four nominations, winning the Communication Award for our long-running show Facts & Issues:

Fighting For the Vote

The Monmouth County Leagues have created a program designed to motivate high school seniors and college students to vote. Fighting for the Voteis a one-session, interactive lesson delivered in the classroom by League-trained facilitators. For information, click on the flyer image below, or for more, click here. Resources, too, are available:

FftV graphic.jpg

Hot Topics! Have A Look

2020 Census

Everything you want to know about the 2020 Census: Get the facts, understand the consequences, consider the concerns and intentions of the Framers, and what it means today -- Livestream Video of the 2020 Census Talk. You are there! See and hear the January 27 talk on the upcoming 2020 census here.

Electoral College

And ... everything you want to know about the Electoral College: What it is, what it does, what to do about it. See a presentation, given by LWVTO President Peggy Dellinger on February 17 in Spring Lake, here.

For more information, see the work of LWV in Illinois, which has researched issues of the Electoral College, and put together informative presentations, here.

Upcoming Dates & Events

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Upcoming Events
Further information:
- the 2019 annual meeting invitation, and
- the agenda, and the
- the 51st annual ILO meeting invitation.

Know Your Voting Rights

LWVNJ has prepared a two-page leaflet detailing voting rights, wrongs, problems, and who to contact. Read it below (the box scrolls), or download a copy here.

Voting Information From The County Clerk

The Election Division of the Monmouth County Clerk's office has a new website with helpful information about how to register, where to vote, election results, voting by mail, and many more topics, including how to contact the office for further information or answers to questions. Also available are any forms necessary, with details on where to send them.

You can find them here.

Join Us!

flag button graphic The League of Women Voters is a pre-eminent source for voter service education and has provided nonpartisan information to New Jerseyans for nearly 100 years. As a grassroots organization the League works to build participation in the democratic process and educate the public on key community issues.

Come join us! Download and print this Membership form and send it to the address at the bottom of the page.