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Flea Market Report

From Bill and Sally Madden, our excellent coordinators for the Historical Museum's October 15th Flea Market, this report:

Flea Market Table Fundraising Report 10/23/2017

On Sunday, October 15, 2017 LWVTO participated in the Township of Ocean Historical Museum outdoor Antique and Flea Market event to raise money to restore the water tower.

Vendors were arranged along the road on the east side of the Museum leading to the Tower. The promised 10 X 10 foot space was nearly double that. There was ample room to set up the League’s canopy and display merchandise in and around it. A voter registration table was included. Red white and blue balloons and the League banner announced our presence.

In preparation for the event members offered antique, old, vintage and new items. Pricing sessions were held both at the homes of donors and at the Madden’s where many items were received. Ted Dellinger, Robert Grove and Bill Madden deserve special thanks for the numerous trips they made to the site and the 7 am setup in preparation for the 9 am opening and the 3 pm takedown.

The event was originally scheduled for October 8 but postponed because of rain. On the 15th things got off to a slow start because of mist and drizzle.

Nine households donated items and eleven members volunteered to staff the space. Our treasurer reported that $281.00 was the net proceeds after deduction of the site fee of $35.00. Decorations and table covers were donated. Our goal was $300.00.

Benefits included: we made some money, we helped support the museums event and had high community visibility. The volunteers were enthusiastic, congenial and a pleasure to work with. The Board gave its full support. The downside: public participation was less than hoped for, the event was highly labor intensive including preparation of items and setup and takedown.

Comment from Bill and Sally Madden: We were pleased to do it and have no regrets taking it on, but do not recommend a repeat of this another year.

Sally and Bill Madden

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