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The Township of Ocean Public Schools

The District maintains a website providing information about the school system, its services, its processes, and its news.

The Township of Ocean School District of Monmouth County is a comprehensive consolidated public school district serving students from The Township of Ocean. The district is in the “FG” District Factor Group according to the New Jersey Department of Education. This designation is the fourth highest of eight groupings which are based on socioeconomic factors.

There are five schools in the district:

Each elementary school offers a preschool handicapped program as well as a regular preschool program whereby children are enrolled using a lottery system. Gifted education and special education classes are provided by the district and housed in designated schools at various grade levels. Every school has an ESL/ELL program for bilingual students. School web pages will indicate which specialized programs are available at each site.

Specific information regarding the Board of Education, administration, finances, staff, curriculum, parent information, forms, etc. can be found on the Township of Ocean School District's website. In addition, curriculum throughout New Jersey is based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core Standards which are detailed by the state here.